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LinkPoint Fraud FlexDetect

The Fraud FlexDetect℠ solution is an innovative, effective fraud detection and management tool fully integrated into the authorization flow. Our solution provides a comprehensive approach to efficiently address fraud without limitations on the key elements that make fraud prevention tools most effective.

With countless practices, procedures, and providers available to help card-not-present merchants mitigate fraud attempts, merchants can become overwhelmed in developing a customized fraud prevention strategy that strikes the right balance between control and delegation of fraud prevention activities.

Fraud Solution Advantages

  • Add real-time fraud scoring without negatively impacting authorization response speed or system flexibility.
  • Leverage the latest sophistication in identifying fraud trends and validating suspicious transactions without additional integration efforts.
  • Optimize sales, control costs and minimize risk through customization of both automated rules and manual review processes.
  • Gain efficiency through consolidated visibility into order and chargeback details along with easy access to issuer, customer, third party, and historical data.

Features & Benefits

  • Minimize IT effort and maintenance
    • Fully integrated into the existing real-time or batch authorization stream.
    • Subsequent transactional updates communicated by CardConnect.
    • Authorization reversal automatically triggered for rejected transactions.
  • Processor infrastructure must allow for unique merchant data and existing processes
    • Non-payment data like open text fields, failed attempts, and loyalty details can be sent in the authorization message.
    • Fraud Score Only transaction type can send data into Fraud FlexDetect interface without impacting the issuer or authorization.
    • Built to complement Verified by Visa, MasterCard SecureCode, and TransArmor data.
  • Ability to easily adapt to new fraud patterns
    • Real-time flexible rule interface, completely customizable by the merchant user.
    • Analysis and trends easily detected through best in class linkage, reporting and visualization tools.
  • Access to the latest, most sophisticated detection tools
    • IP Geolocation, Shared Database access, and Device Fingerprinting come standard.
    • 8 additional validation services available (without IT effort) depending on merchant needs.
    • Ability to add validation features as Accertify makes them available.
  • Full control and customization of scoring rules and manual review procedures
    • Full edits for layout, screen views, roles, rulesets, and weight of scoring.
    • All transactions eligible for scoring (including alternative payments, soft declines, and $0 authorizations) or just certain groups.
    • Custom test environment to evaluate and analyze rules before production.
  • Simple, user-friendly implementation and set-up
    • Personalized Fraud Implementation Manager will help test, certify, and train users.
  • Visibility into the life cycle of the transaction
    • Chargeback and retrieval data automatically uploaded daily into the Fraud FlexDetect database.
    • Analysis and Performance Reporting cover the fraud management process from end to end.

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